"All About Super Hero High" is the second webisode of the Season 1.


Picking up where the previous webisode left off, Wonder Woman flies watches the end of the Welcome to Super Hero High video on her phone while flying towards Super Hero High for her first day of school. Principal Waller greets Wonder Woman, who then introduces Bumblebee, the ambassador to new students, to Wonder Woman. Hal Jordan then opens up the door for Wonder Woman and Bumblebee using an energy construct. Upon offering his hand to Wonder Woman, she interprets this as an invitation to fight and throws him into the distance. After entering the school, Wonder Woman accidentally steps on Cheetah's tail as she's running down the hall. Cheetah lashes out at Wonder Woman before continuing to run down the hall as Hawkgirl flies after her. Bumblebee then introduces Wonder Woman to Starfire and Miss Martian, but upon seeing her, Miss Martian turns invisible. A green eagle, Beast Boy, then flies by, and Bumblebee asks him to turn to his normal form. He does, but then falls until he is caught by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman then sees Katana and Poison Ivy before being given a network password by Barbara Gordon. Upon saying that she'll see Barbara in class, she clarifies by saying she doesn't go here and is just part of the IT department. She then meets her roommate Harley Quinn, who joybuzzes her while shaking hands.






  • The password that Barbara gave Wonder Woman is "Oracle 1967". This is a reference to one of Barbara Gordon's other identities in the comics, Oracle, and Barbara's first appearance in the comics, in 1967.