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scene opens with Wonder Woman flying through the courtyard
Various students woh, wahoo
Wonder Woman lands in front of Principal Waller
Amanda Waller Welcome Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman kneels in front of Amanda
Wonder Woman Principle Waller, it is my honor as an Amazonian princess to be the first of my people to attend your institute.
Wonder Woman squishes Bumblebee as she flies up
Bumblebee eek!
Bumblebee I'm too young to be squished
Bumblebee grows to normal size
Wonder Woman Woh, you have big bugs here.
Amanda Waller This is Bumblebee, our ambassador to new students
Wonder Woman Ambassador! me too, well eventually, it's my destiny
Wonder Woman takes out her phone
Wonder Woman I should study your ways
Bumblebee uhh, I don't really have ways, but here a map, it'll help you make your way around campus
Amanda Waller Take good care of her Bumblebee, Wonder Woman is a one of a kind catch for Super Hero High
Wonder Woman One of a kind catch?, but no-one can catch me, I have super speed.
Bumblebee It's just something people say, it means your really special
Hal Jordan uses his ring to open the front door
Hal Jordan I got it
Bumblebee Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan . Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman
Hal Jordan puts his hand out, Wonder Woman tosses him in the air
Bumblebee takes Wonder Woman into the foyer
Wonder Woman Extended hand is for shaking, not an invitation for sparring.
Cheetah whizzes round the corner and gets her tail stood on by Wonder Woman
Cheetah Watch were you're going noob
Hawkgirl Cheetah you know the speed limit in the hallway is 25!
Bumblebee Hawkgirl's the hall monitor and Cheetah... let's just say it's easy to get on her bad side
Wonder Woman Got it, but is her bad side right or left?
Bumblebee That's Starfire and Miss Martian
Miss Martian goes invisible out of shyness
Bumblebee She's shy
Bumblebee opens her locker and gives her headphones to Wonder Woman
Bumblebee You like music? You'll love this! I mixed it myself
Wonder Woman I could feel the beats in my spleen!
Bumblebee Ahh, thanks
Beast Boy flies in as a golden eagle
Bumblebee That's Beast Boy, he's a shapeshifter. Hey, Beast Boy why don't you show Wonder Woman your normal look.
Beast Boy You got it double B
Beast Boy changes back into his normal form
Wonder Woman races in to catch him as he falls
Beast Boy Nice catch
Wonder Woman One of a kind.
Bumblebee Poison Ivy, Katana, cactus monster
Wonder Woman and Bumblebee watch Ivy and Katana battle the cactus monster
Barbara Gordon approaches
Barbara Gordon Hey Wonder Woman, Barbara Gordon
Wonder Woman quickly shakes Barbara's hand
Barbara Gordon Your network password
Wonder Woman Thanks see you in class!
Barbara Gordon Actually I don't go to school here, I just work in the IT department
Bumblebee And at last, here's your new dorm
Wonder Woman Excellent! I do need some quiet time to study for my first day
Harley Quinn eratically swings at Wonder Woman, using her trapeze
Harley Quinn Hi, there wondsie!
Harley Quinn flips and jumps in front of Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn We'll be new room-mates. Harley Quinn, nice to meet you
Harley Quinn shakes Wonder Woman's hand and joybuzzes her
Harley Quinn Ha! Meeting your new roomie can be awfully shocking
Wonder Woman embarrassedly takes a photo with her phone

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