Artemiz is a member of the Female Furies, a group of extraterrestrial villains.


Artemiz is a young alien lady, with brown curly hair, peach colored skin and yellowy green eyes. She wears a golden hairband on her head, with a dark blue and white dress, going down to her knees, where she is wearing long blue leggings. She also has a yellow belt around her waist with a quiver, containing a bow and arrow for combat.


She is voiced by Teala Dunn in the English version of the cartoon.

She battles Wonder Woman in the courtyard at Super Hero High School using her bow and arrow in an attempt to take over the school with the rest of the furies.[1]


  • Enhanced Archery

=Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Archery

Despite being an extraterrestrial, she seems to have a German accent.


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