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Barbara Gordon first appeared in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High while her alter-ego Batgirl makes her debut in Super Hero High. She is voiced by Mae Whitman in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Barbara appears inside the school with Lucius Fox.[1]

Barbara appears again to give the network password to Wonder Woman.[2]

Barbara appears next to Red Tornado during flight class.[3]

Barbara watches the beginning of Harley Quinn's video and helps start it, but is absent by the end. She appears in the video next to Red Tornado in Wonder Woman's flight segments.[4]

Barbara tells the story of how Poison Ivy saved her from a rosebush monster.[5]

Barbara appears behind Amanda Waller during the Save the Day drill.[6]

Barbara appears as part of the Junior Detectives Club.[7]

Season 2


Barbara Gordon and Batgirl appear during the party for Wonder Woman.[8]

Batgirl fights Supergirl over the last piece of Superfood Cake.[9]

Batgirl appears with Wonder Woman, watching a local news report on Harley's new internet fame, worried it'll go to her head.[10]

Batgirl says that Harley Quinn's way of saving the day is "unique".[11]

Batgirl shows off her new Bat-Jet and has to take her flyer's Ed test with Red Tornado. [12]

Batgirl is awarded the Hero of the Month Award by Amanda Waller.[13]

Batgirl, alongside Katana, Star Sapphire, Lady Shiva and Wonder Woman, try to stop Ivy's gigantic pet plant from attacking Metropolis.[14]

She compliments Katana on her ability to "Slice and Dice", during Katana's Hero of the Month VT.[15]

Batgirl appears as one of the students watching Frost's Hero of the Month announcement, in the Student Lounge.[16]

Batgirl takes part in a wilderness survival exam and has difficulty surviving without her gadgets.[17]

She, alongside Bumblebee and Supergirl treat Hawkgirl and themselves to a day off at the Super-Spa.[18]

Batgirl appears attending a surprise birthday party for Bumblebee, during Hawkgirl's Hero of the Month VT.[19]

Batgirl alongside, Supergirl and Wonder Woman arrive at the scene, when a giant robot is attacking Metropolis only to be unimpressed when it turns out to be a ploy by Cheetah, in order to gain recognition.[20]

Batgirl, with the help of Hawkgirl and Flash, follow a trail of Riddles, laid down by the Riddler, who it turns out just wanted to ask Batgirl to a dance.[21]

Batgirl watches Ivy's dancing plants performance in the Super Hero High courtyard and later helps to stop Frost's cold from freezing the school.[22]

She compliments Lady Shiva on her Martial Arts skills.[23]


Barbara is preparing for her last week at Super Hero High and helps Supergirl adapt to life at the school. Eventually she becomes Batgirl to help stop Granny Goodness' invasion and takeover of Super Hero High.[24]

Season 3


Batgirl gets kidnapped by Killer Moth, while out in her Bat-jet and is later rescued by Supergirl, who helps her to stop Killer Moth.

Batgirl is seen making repairs to her Bat-jet after the Killer Moth problem and later visits Lena Luthor, alongside Wonder Woman and Supergirl in order to apologize about destroying her lab at Super Hero High. After her meeting, she helps Wonder Woman wrangle a Kryptomite that was causing Supergirl problems.

She helps get rid of all the Kryptomites that are attacking Metropolis, helping Flash to gather all the Kryptomites that were invading the Capes and Cowls café.

Batgirl is affected by the effects of the Red Kryptomite and gets into a fight with Wonder Woman, getting ensnared by Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.

Batgirl discovers the gift left for her in her dormitory, by Bumblebee, Harley Quinn and Katana, while on the phone.

She oversees a city-wide race between her three friends; Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Harley Quinn.

Batgirl is seen enjoying a picnic with Beast Boy and Starfire, before rescuing a little girl from an escaped zoo tiger, who was being controlled by Lion-Mane, of whom she manages to help detain.

She chases after an elephant with Beast Boy and attempts to help Mari wrangle the rest of the zoo animals, before watching her fight Lion-Mane.

She takes a visit to Themyscira with Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Supergirl, enjoying a feast in the main hall, before being forced to fight Ares.

She is paired up with Poison Ivy, for their stealth suit design class, designing their stealth suits and then trying them out in the city, attempting to sneak past a myriad of villains but to no avail. After failure, she discovers that Crazy Quilt had been abducted by Killer Moth and jets out with Ivy to save him.

Carrying on from the previous webisode, she manages to find her way into Moth's lair, alongside Ivy, making use of their stealth suits. There she manages to rescue Crazy Quilt and arrest Moth in the process and also managing to get an A on their assignment.

She and Hawkgirl accidently bring Lashina into Belle Rev, and are forced to find a cure for her father's condition, after Lashina poisons him. The two are able to find the cure on-top of an elephant statue in central park, but Batgirl accidently falls in a nearby tar-pit in an attempt to retrieve the cure. Later she sees her father at the hospital.

Batgirl attempts to bring the power back to Metropolis, by asking Lightning and Thunder for help with powering up the Metropolis power plant.

Batgirl gets all of her gadgets confiscated by school staff after using them in class, however she later discovers that these "teachers" were really Mrs. Clayface in disguise, who wanted to use Batgirl's gadgets to free her husband. Batgirl is able to stop Mrs. Clayface before she gets away.

Batgirl, alongside Supergirl and Wonder Woman are hanging out at the Capes and Cowls café, when Ares returns being peaceful after their last encounter. Batgirl is later tricked alongside the other girls into heading the Super Hero High theatre by Catwoman.

She realizes the Save-Day-Alarm and races to her Bat-Cave, only to see Ares enraged and stomping about outside the Capes and Cowls café. She alongside the Flash attempt to gather her books, before the place is crushed and then transport a number of supers to the scene, via her cruiser. She later manages to notify the supers of Ares' weak-spot.

She gets told by Miss Martian that Catwoman had stolen Ares' amulet and she and Flash attempt to ask Catwoman to give them the amulet back, to which she complies.



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