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Black Canary (real name Dinah Lance) is a character who made an appearance in the graphic novel, Hits and Myths, as a main character in one of the chapters. She is also a hero, and possess great fighting skills and a supersonic "Canary Cry" that is loud enough to make her opponents go deaf temporarily.


Black Canary has long blonde hair, pale skin and light blue eyes. She wears pale pink lipstick, light blue eye shadow, and a light shade of pink blush. She wears a navy blue jacket with light golden accents and wears a turtleneck black leotard underneath. She also wears light blueish gray tights with light golden accents and black combat boots.


While trying to catch Harley's evil paper drawings that were brought to life by magic paint, Katana assumed Black Canary was apart of the paper drawing's alliances. Black Canary corrects her and claims she no longer gets involved with criminals anymore but instead she focuses on her music career. Katana accepts her on her team and then Black Canary does her infamous "Canary Cry", which to no surprise, hurts the ears of the paper drawings nearby. [1]



  • Sonic Scream
  • Sonokinetic Combat

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