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Blackfire is a Tamaranean female student at Korugar Academy. She is Starfire's older sister.


Blackfire has long flowing blackish purple hair, orange skin and violet eyes. She wears a black crop top and a black matching mini skirt with a sliver belt. She also wears metallic armor that covers her arms, legs, and stomach and wears metallic elbow-length finger-less gloves and black knee-high boots.


Blackfire is voiced by Hynden Walch in the English version of the cartoon, making her first appearance in the second movie; Intergalactic Games.

She appears as a member of the Korugar Academy team at the Intergalactic Games, where she holds a bet with Starfire, that if Super Hero High were to lose, Starfire would transfer to Korugar and if she were to lose, she'd spend a day of "fun-ship" with her sister; Starfire. In the end she helps her sister, alongside the rest of Super Hero High students to thwart Brainiac's on-going attack.[1]

She spends a day of "fun-ship" with her sister; Starfire, helping to take down King Shark alongside Starfire, before heading back to Korugar via the Boom Tubes.[2]



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