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Cheshire is an assassin.


Cheshire is a teenage girl that has black, wavy, waist-length hair and green eyes. She wears a red headband and green dress with black leggings. There is a red belt with a symbol on the middle of it around her waist and one side of her dress is sleeveless. She also wears a gold bracelet on her sleeveless arm and has black, pointy claws.


Lady Shiva and Harley Quinn were assigned by Principal Waller to have a stakeout in search for Cheshire. During Lady Shiva and Harley's stakeout, Harley, who was not taking their assignment seriously, looks through Lady Shiva's binoculars and spots Cheshire staring back at her. Lady Shiva thinks she was joking at first until she too sees Cheshire. Cheshire charges for them but they jump off the building, safely landing by a nearby fruit stand. Lady Shiva tells Harley Cheshire was getting away and they had to catch her.

Back on the rooftop, Harley jokingly says her and Cheshire should team up for a variety show and compliments that her disappearing act is just as good as her comedy skill. Lady Shiva interrupts and tells her to please be quiet, for sake of her not blowing their position again and for the sake of not failing their assignment. Harley tells Lady Shiva she wouldn't have to entertain herself if she just tell a joke. Lady Shiva agrees and begins telling Harley a knock knock joke. Harley excitedly answers "Whose there?" and Lady Shiva says "DUCK!" and Harley asks "Duck who?". Lady Shiva places her hand on Harley's head and ducks her out of the way so she could punch Cheshire, who was sneaking up behind Harley. Lady Shiva punches Cheshire in the face which knocks her out onto the ground.

In the next scene, it shows Cheshire locked up in the back of a police van while Harley compliments Lady Shiva's joke she told earlier and soon after watch the police van haul Cheshire away to jail.[1]