"Clubbing" is the tenth webisode of Season 1.


Amanda Waller tells Poison Ivy that she must join a club, explaining that while her grades and other accomplishments are great, she needs some social activity with any other students.

Later in the courtyard, a large group of clubs are set up. Poison Ivy approaches the Junior Detectives Club consisting of Hawkgirl, Barbara Gordon, and Bumblebee, where they're pondering a recent Kryptonian spaceship crash. Hawkgirl then asks if she wants to join, but Poison Ivy declines.

Poison Ivy then goes to the United Planets Club led by Starfire. She tries to decline by saying that Earth likely already has a member, who is revealed to be Wonder Woman. She then goes and sees the Band Club consisting of Beast Boy, Katana, and Cheetah, but she ends up running away. She then decides to join the Science Club.

The Science Club is later shown in a meeting featuring Poison Ivy's latest project. Star Sapphire hopes it is flowers, but Poison Ivy says it isn't. Star Sapphire says it's only an ordinary houseplant and starts touching it, but it ends up growing and biting Star Sapphire's nose. Poison Ivy then laughs and says that clubs are fun.





  • The video is listed on YouTube as "Club Life".
  • Hawkgirl mentions a Kryptonian spaceship landing near Metropolis with a female inhabitant inside who has yet to be found, foreshadowing Supergirl's appearance.