Cyborg is a recurring character.


Cyborg is a large teenage boy who has dark skin and black short hair. The right half of his face is robotic with a red robotic eye, and the other half is human, with a brown eye. His body is a large metal suit with black sleeves and red rectangle with a gear logo inside on his chest. Most of his body is grey and white.


He is voiced by Khary Payton in the English version of the cartoon.

Cyborg appears as part of the crowd listening to Amanda Waller.[1][2]

He appears in the hallway with Lady Shiva.[2]

Cyborg appears in the courtyard with Lightning.[3]

Cyborg teams up with the The Flash in a Tennis Doubles tournament against Supergirl and Katana.[4]


He is described in the prologue as an unsurprising candidate for expulsion, being described as as "boisterous". He later is seen playing SaveBall.[5]



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