The DC Super Hero Girls Cars are a new type of merchandise, that'll be releasing in late 2016. They come from the Mattel brand Hot Wheels.


The Cars were initially revealed at the San Diego Comic Con as part of Mattel's DC Super Hero Girls Comic Con reveals. They were revealed officially, through DC Super Hero Girl's official Facebook page on July 23rd, 2016.


Hot Wheels Batgirl Hot Wheels Harley Quinn 1 Hot Wheels Harley Quinn 2 Hot Wheels Harley Quinn 3
Batgirl Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
Hot Wheels Katana 1 Hot Wheels Katana 2 Hot Wheels Katana 3 Hot Wheels Supergirl 1
Katana Katana Katana Supergirl
Hot Wheels Supergirl 2 Hot Wheels Supergirl 3 Hot Wheels Wonder Woman 1 Hot Wheels Wonder Woman 2
Supergirl Supergirl Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Hot Wheels Wonder Woman 3
Wonder Woman

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