Designing Disaster is the eighth webisode of season one.


The episode starts off in Wonder Woman's dorm room, as she reveals her new supersuit to her friends. They all compliment her on it, but Wonder Woman worries about how Crazy Quilt grades. The Save the Day alarm goes off, and they all rush out of the dorm room. However, while in flight, Wonder Woman's cape snags on a locker, causing her to catapult backwards. She leaps back up, but her tiara goes over her eyes, causing her to lose focus and crash through the front doors and tumble down the front steps. She then gets up and runs across the lawn before jumping into flight, but her high heels catch on the grass lawn and accidentally pulls up a clump of grass and dirt. Upon realizing this, she falls back to the ground from the weight and tumbles in front of Amanda Waller, who chastises Wonder Woman for her performance, revealing that it was just a drill. Later in her dorm room, Wondy throws away the suit. She then looks at her two silver armbands, and decides it's "time for me to be me".




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