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Hal Jordan is a supporting character.

Official Description

He's is smart, athletic, charismatic and pretty much school royalty. Hal’s extremely charming, a saveball superstar and down for anything. What's not to love?


  • Ring Empowerment
  • Indotimable Will
  • Willpower Based Constructs
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Constructs
  • Energy Attacks
  • Energy Aura
  • Energy Propulsion
  • Aerial Adaptation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Vacuum Adaptation
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • High-Speed Flight
  • Interstellar Travel
  • Aerial Combat Mastery
  • Ergokinetic Combat


Hal has light colored skin, large, brown quaff of hair and green eyes. He wears a green mask over his eyes with customary Green lantern black and green jumper.