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Harley Quinn debuted in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Tara Strong in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Harley Quinn appears flipping across the courtyard with Beast Boy before making faces behind Amanda Waller. She is later seen laughing with Katana, Frost, Bumblebee, and Star Sapphire.[1]

She is in her dorm and greets Wonder Woman with a joy-buzzed handshake.[2]

She spends time trying to connect with Wonder Woman, but has trouble due to their differences. Eventually, Wondy invites her to hang out, and Harley hugs her happily.[3]

She sees Wonder Woman upset over her supersuit assignment. After her suggestion of using the one she already has gets turned down, Harley, Bumblebee, and Katana watch Wonder Woman's various attempts at costumes before they all pitch in to help.[4]

Harley Quinn hosts a movie night that shows various clips of student blunders around campus. While hoping to get laughter from self-humiliation, she instead gets annoyed girls. Upon realizing she accidentally had auto-upload turned on and over four million people viewed it, the girls begin to talk angrily at her before Wonder Woman starts laughing at how bad she looked. Everyone except Cheetah joins in laughing before Wondy tells Harley to play it again.[5]

She is part of the class watching Amanda Waller's speech about Poison Ivy as the hero of the month and talks about how Poison Ivy saved her from a plant monster.[6]

She compliments Wonder Woman's supersuit and runs out of the school during the Save the Day alarm.[7]

Harley Quinn is in the courtyard with Catwoman.[8]

She says that Bumblebee is "funny as honey".[9]

Harley uses her giant whoopee cushion to rescue a falling Lucius Fox[10]

Season 2


Harley Quinn appears at Wonder Woman's first Super villain beat-down[11]

Harley comments on Supergirl's knack for making a dramatic entrance.[12]

Harley eats the last piece of Super Food Cake.[13]

Harley becomes an internet sensation, and even gains a large Comic-Con like convention, eventually realizing there can only be one Harley.[14]

Harley is awarded the Hero of the Month Award by Amanda Waller.[15]

Harley talks about Batgirl's expertise with gadgets and gizmo's.[16]

Harley accidently bumps into Star Sapphire, just after Starr had had a shower, with Harley accidently dropping all her pies on Starr.[17]

Harley helps Bumblebee, to demonstrate her new gadgets, for her midterm assignment, while fighting King Shark in the docks.[18]


Harley helps to battle Giganta, and welcome Supergirl to Super Hero High, she later helps in the battle against Granny Goodness and the Female Furies.[19]



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