Hero of the Month: Bumblebee is the eleventh webisode of season one.


At the start of the episode Amanda Waller announces that Bumblebee is the new hero of the month, while she is watching with her classmates, including Green Lantern, who creates a happy face construct when the result is announced.

Amanda, goes on to explain how Bumblebee constantly demonstrates heroic prowess in the field, with clips of her racing through obstacle courses and saving citizens in distress, with Lois Lane reporting on the heroic deed.

It then goes to Wonder Woman, who explains how Bumblebee likes her music to be loud and is then clearly seen dancing in the background. Harley Quinn then remarks that Bumblebee is as funny as honey, while bouncing on her trampoline, it then quickly transitions into and clip of Bumblebee ripping her pants and feeling embarrassed she flew off, shoving it off as a save the day alarm.

Finally Amanda explains how Bumblebee is able to save the day in not only big ways, but small ways too, showing clips of her rescuing someone from a burning building and shrinking to receive an old man's keys, then ending with Amanda congratulating her, when Bumblebee flies up in small form and surprises her.





  • The video is listed on YouTube as "Hero of the Month: Bumble Bee".