Hero of the Month: Cyborg and Starfire is the twenty-first webisode of season 2.


The webisode starts off with Principal Amanda Waller announcing the Hero of the Month but she says instead of one Hero of the Month, there are two Heroes of the Month which happens to be Starfire and Cyborg.

In the flashback scene it shows, Trigon destroying the city of Metropolis and terrorizing nearby citizens. Principal Waller says it's the first time in Super Hero High history to have two Heroes of the Month but considering how Starfire and Cyborg worked together to stop Trigon's attack earns them both a undeniable spot to be the Hero of the Month.

Cyborg and Starfire save a little girl and her mother from falling into a crack formed into the ground and unites them safely to the side. Trigon charges at Starfire but Cyborg blasts him in the behind with this sonic cannon and shouts a witty cocky remark. Trigon then angrily rips a nearby tree from the ground and throws it at Cyborg but Cyborg catches it and hits it towards Starfire, who catches it and then uses it to hit Trigon on the head, causing most of his body to be buried in the ground.

Principal Waller then explains Starfire's superpowers which are the power of flight, super strength and usage of starbolts. Then it shortly after shows Starfire blasting Trigon in the face with one of her energetic starbolts. Principal Waller then explains Cyborg's abilities which she explains he's half boy and half machine. At the same time, Starfire blasts Trigon again with her starbolts as Cyborg blasts him with his sonic cannon.

At the cut scene in the school's lounge, Cyborg says he and Starfire are such the best of friends and Starfire cuts in and happily finishes his sentence. Back at the battle scene, Trigon breaks free from the ground but Starfire and Cyborg immediately blasts him again several times until Trigon gives up in defeat and vanishes. At the end, Starfire and Cyborg celebrate their victory with a high five with both saying Cyborg's famous catchphrase, "Booyah!".




  • This episode was listed as the twenty-third webisode of season 2 on YouTube.
  • This episode was uploaded for a brief period on November 21st, 2016.

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