Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy is the seventh webisode of season one.


Amanda Waller starts to announce the hero of the month award in front of the students in the main theater. It's then announced that it's Poison Ivy, as she is watching from her room.

It then flickers to various different students including Bumblebee who says how straight up Poison Ivy is and that she was rescued from a plant that was trying to eat her, convinced she was pollen. It then goes to Harley Quinn who says that she won't beat around the bush remarking that Poison Ivy's a life saver, as she saved Harley from a dangerous cactus monster who was shooting prickles at her.

It then goes to Barbara Gordon, who says that Poison Ivy got her out of a prickly situation when she was attacked by a living rose bush. However in the end it turns out that all these killer plants are actually Ivy's as she pushed them into a closet, and is then embarrassed when she's caught on camera and finds out she's hero of the month.





  • This episode is the first to feature non-superhero backgrounders.