Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire is the eighteenth webisode of season 2.


The webisode starts off at the Capes and Cowls restaurant as Beast Boy, Frost and Star Sapphire are huddled around Starr's cell-phone, watching Amanda Waller as she's about to announce the next Hero of the Month. Starr crosses her fingers, as Amanda announces her as Hero of the Month. Starr then complains about the image used for her VT and flies off to change it.

The VT then cuts to recorded video message with Katana, who compliments Starr on her ring's usefulness, with a clip of Starr using her ring to do her hair and makeup being shown. The VT then cuts to Bumblebee, who's busy playing with her remote-controlled bumblebee. She compliments Starr on how much energy Starr puts into giving bad guys the boot, with a clip of Starr using her violet lantern ring to battle Croc playing. It then finally cuts to Cheetah, who's in the cafeteria, who explains how much of princess Starr is, while a video clip of Starr's father arriving in their family jet, plays. In the clip Starr runs up to her dad, explaining how she won the Hero of the Month, and asks him for 1K, which she would supposedly use towards rescuing homeless puppies.

Amanda Waller then walks into the scene, finishing off the video by announcing Starr as Hero of the Month. Starr then walks up the camera and asks the camera man to get her good side as they finish the vt, posing and flashing her ring.





  • This episode was briefly titled "Hero of the Month: Sapphire" on YouTube.
  • This episode was listed as the twentieth episode of season 2 on YouTube.

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