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DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths is a graphic novel written by Shea Fontana with illustrations done by Yancey Labat. It was released on November 8th, 2016.

Official Description

WONDER WOMAN, BUMBLEBEE, BATGIRL, SUPERGIRL, POISON IVY, KATANA, and HARLEY QUINN are about to face their most dangerous super hero mission yet!

While studying THE ODYSSEY for Professor Etrigan's Super Hero High class, these super-powered students embark on a journey where they face off with a cyclops seek help from a witch, evade sirens, and travel to the underworld! Will they rescue their teacher escape from the villainous Trigon and recover Batgirl's Batplane? Or will their quest be an EPIC FAIL?

Roll Call

Wonder Woman
Super-strength, flight, near-invincibility, super-athleticism.
Computer genius, expert martial artist, photographic memory, legendary detective skills.
Super-strength, flight, invincibility, super-hearing, heat vision, x-ray vision.
Poison Ivy
Genius-level intellect, summons and controls plants.
Enhanced strength, flight, ability to shrink, projects stinger blasts.
Superior sword-fighter, expert martial artist, advanced stealth skills.
Harley Quinn
Expert gymnast, acrobat, quick-witted class clown.
Agility, speed, sharp reflexes, even sharper claws.
Beast Boy
Shape-shifts into any animal form, world-class slacker.
The Flash
Super-speed, vibrates his molecules through walls, detective skills.
Silver Banshee
Supernatural destructive scream, accelerated healing, flight.
Flight, super detective skills, weapons expert.
Advanced hand-to-hand combat, double-swords expert.
Miss Martian
Flight, shape-shifting, mind-reading, invisibility, super-strength.
Amanda Waller
Principal, mentor, stern but fair.
Gorilla Grodd
Vice Principal, mind-control powers, in charge of detention.
Professor of Poetry, not just A demon, The Demon!
June Moone
Professor of Art, magical enchantress.


Chapter One: The Journey
Chapter Two: The Cyclops
Chapter Three: The Witch
Chapter Four: The Sirens
Chapter Five: The Underworld
Chapter Six: The Return Home





  • Raven's gloves are missing on the bottom panel of page 90.

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