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Lady Shiva is voiced by Tania Gunadi in the English version of the cartoon, making her first appearance in Welcome to Super Hero High.

Season 1

Shiva appears in the Super Hero High courtyard, talking to Fire as Amanda Waller introduces the school.[1]

She's seen in the hallway, as Cheetah races past.[2]

Shiva's seen in the background of one of Harley's epic fail videos.[3]

Lady Shiva is seen attending Bumblebee's Hero of the Month ceremony, where Bumblebee rips her pants.[4]

Season 2

Shiva ducks out of the way of Batgirl and Supergirl, as they race to get the last piece of superfood cake.[5]

She watches Harley Quinn's Hero of the Month announcement in the Super Hero High library, alongside Cheetah, Catwoman, Katana, Hawkgirl and Supergirl.[6]

Shiva helps Batgirl and co to stop Ivy's giant plant from wrecking Metropolis.[7]

Shiva appears as a guest at Bumblebee's surprise birthday party, shown in Hawkgirl's Hero of the Month VT.[8]

Shiva's seen in the student lounge reading a book, and blows off Cheetah's Save-day-alarm warning, after multiple misdirects.[9]

She greets Frost into their dormitory kitchen, as Frost wakes up.[10]

Shiva partners with Harley on a villain stake-out assignment, later battling against Cheshire.[11]

She forces, Frost to go and lie down after Frost's sneezes accidently freeze Waller's helicopter and Firefly.[12]

Shiva is awarded Hero of the Month.[13]


Shiva helps Wonder Woman and co battle the Female Furies in the School corridors, battling against Stompa.[14]

Lady Shiva's suspicious of Big Barda's sudden enrolment at Super Hero High, continually trying to convince Waller that Barda is still evil. Later she teams with Barda during the final battle with Eclipso's shadows.[15]


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