Lena Luthor is a reccurring character and villain in DC Super Hero Girls, as well as the main antagonist in Super-Villain High. She is also the sister of Lex Luthor.


Lena is a young girl with, green eyes, peach skin and orangey blond hair (which is later shown to be a wig). She wears a large set of glasses, a necklace featuring a Brainiac logo, a green top and a purple t-shirt underneath. She also wears some blue skinny jeans.


Lena Luthor makes her first appearance in the third season opener; Batnapped, voiced by Romi Dames in the English version.

Lena bring some copper wiring to Doc Magnus in his workshop, also admiring Supergirl's work on her jet.[1]



  • The symbol on Lena's necklace is a reference to the Superman villain, Brainiac.