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Miss Martian first appeared in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Cristina Pucelli in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Miss Martian appears as part of the crowd around Amanda Waller.[1][2] She is later shown going invisible after getting an A+ in class.[1]

She is in the courtyard as Green Lantern is thrown into the distance by Wonder Woman. She is hovering next to Starfire in the hallway. However, upon seeing Bumblebee and Wonder Woman, she goes invisible.[2]

She opens up the door that Cheetah runs into.[3]

She appears as part of the United Planets Club.[4]

Miss Martian watches Amanda Waller's announcement of Bumblebee as hero of the month.[5]

Season 2


Miss Martian appears at Wonder Woman's first villain take-down party.[6]

Miss Martian is seen as part of Supergirl's Super-Suit design class, when Supergirl is announced as Hero of the Month and is later seen watching Supergirl smash into the side of the school, during a VT clip.[7]

Miss Martian appears as one of many students, who dodge out of the way, when Supergirl and Batgirl race into the cafeteria, after a piece of Super-Food Cake.[8]

Miss Martian appears in the background talking to Lady Shiva.[9]

Miss Martian watches Frost's Hero of the Month announcement.[10]

Miss Martian appears as a guest at Bumblebee's birthday party, during Hawkgirl's Hero of the Month VT.[11]

Miss Martian helps Bumblebee to demonstrate her Heat-Vision enhancing glasses, while fighting King Shark in the docks.[12]


Miss Martian helps to welcome Supergirl to Super Hero High and later helps to defend Super Hero High against Granny Goodness and her Furies.[13]



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