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Poison Ivy first appearance was in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Tara Strong in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Poison Ivy appears behind Amanda Waller during her welcome speech.[1][2]

She is also in the courtyard when Wonder Woman flies in, and is later seen fighting a cactus monster with Katana.[2]

She is in the supersuit design class.[3]

She watches Harley Quinn's video and appears getting caught in her own plants and being potted and in the classroom when Bumblebee's costume rips. She is originally angry with Harley Quinn for accidentally uploading the video, but ends up laughing with Wonder Woman.[4]

She is announced as the hero of the month due to saving various students from (her) plant monsters.[5]

Poison Ivy appears again behind Amanda Waller during the save the day drill.[6]

She is tasked with finding a club to join, and after looking at a few, she decides to join the Science Club.[7]

She watches Amanda Waller's announcement of Bumblebee as hero of the month.[8]

Ivy uses her plants to help Wonder Woman secure the Amethyst crystal on top of Super Hero High.[9]

Season 2


Ivy is one of the attendees at Wonder Woman's first Super Villain beat-down party[10]

Ivy comments on how plant like Supergirl's powers are.[11]

Poison Ivy appears in a clip, where she finds Harley smashing her vegetable plants with her giant mallet, horrified at the vegetable soup that Harley then offers her.[12]

Ivy struggles, to control her new pet plant, that has severely protective tendencies and eventually grows to enormous proportions, in which Ivy is forced to try and convince Wonder Woman and co. to not attack her plant.[13]

Ivy appears as part of a Weaponomics class, during Katana's Hero of the Month VT.[14]

Ivy watches Frost's Hero of the Month Award VT, alongside the rest of the main cast, in the Student Lounge.[15]

Ivy appears as one of the students, getting ready to take the Wilderness Survival exam, in the chopper, expressing her concern over Batgirl's attitude towards the exam. She later appears with Principle Waller, waiting for Batgirl to finish her exam and make her way to the finish line.[16]

Poison Ivy appears as one of the guests at Bumblebee's surprise birthday party, seen during Hawkgirl's Hero of the Month VT.[17]

Ivy appeared at the announcement of Bumblebee's midterm, during a Weaponomics clas.[18]


Poison Ivy helps to fight off Giganta with Wonder Woman and friends, as well as welcoming Supergirl to Super Hero High. She later helps the Junior Detectives Club with their analysing some bamboo, they found by the Boom Tubes room and ends up battling against Granny Goodness and the Female Furies to help save Super Hero High.[19]