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Starfire's first doll was revealed at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con in July, for release in early 2017, no other types of merchandise for this character are currently known.


Action Dolls

Doll stockography - Action Doll Starfire IDoll stockography - Action Doll Starfire II
  • Line: Action Dolls
  • Release: Spring 2017
  • Assortment number: DLT61
  • Model number: DVG20

Doll: Stafire is 12 inches tall in size, with long peachy orange hair going down to her hips, with green eyes and peach skin
Clothes: She wears a long purple and silver dress, going down to her knees, with a dark purple collar and silver belt with green emerald on each, with purple boots
Accessories: She comes with 2 silver bracelets and a green energy ball.
Extras: None
Notes: None


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