Wild Side Part 2 is the tenth webisode of the third season.


In the park an elephant is on the rampage, knocking down trees and then proceeding to charge at the Riddler. Riddler runs towards the fence, before making a quick riddle; "What do you get when an elephant sits on your fence?", then leaping on top of the fence, when the elephant charges through. Riddler then finishes his riddle.

Batgirl, Beast Boy and Starfire quickly chase after the elephant, with Batgirl telling Starfire to cut the elephant off and that she'd flank him allowing Beast Boy to do his thing. The elephant continues to charge at the citizens as Starfire flies in front of him, halting him, as Beast Boy morphs into an elephant and gets the elephant to follow him back to the elephant's cage. Just as Vixen strolls up with another elephant, she asks them to hold the door. She leads it into the cage before closing the enclosure.

Beast Boy comments on Vixen's skill, as she explains that she's a volunteer at the zoo, introducing herself as Mari Mcgabe. Starfire then exclaims there's not time for small talk as there are still many zoo animals to round up, before they head off. In the band stand, Lion-Man wakes up from his tranquilization, angrily tossing the roof off and charging off. In the zoo Beast Boy is luring a tiger into it's enclosure as a pig, managing to get it into it's enclosure and allowing Starfire to close it.

Beast Boy then thanks her for saving his bacon. Starfire then carries a grizzly bear, with Beast Boy as an elephant carrying a sleepy sloth back to it's enclosure. Vixen also brings some snakes back to their enclosure, with Batgirl bringing the gorilla back, giving it a banana. However when he takes it, the gorilla begins angrily pounding it's chest, with Batgirl then attempting to offer it another one, just as Lion-Mane arrives.

Lion-Mane tells her she shouldn't be feeding the wildlife before lunging at her. Batgirl tries to use her grapple gun to tie him up, but to no avail as he cuts the rope. Vixen then leaps in front of Batgirl and uses her whip to back Lion-Mane into a cage. Vixen then closes the zoo gates, with Starfire thanking her for her help and Beast Boy saying she has some okay skills. In response Vixen just says she's good with animals. Batgirl assures Vixen that the police would be on the way for Lion-Mane, but Vixen tells them there's no rush, as some monkeys toss fruit at Lion-Mane.


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